Announcement of $100 million Funding and
Strategic Partnership (Capital and Business Alliance) with World Co., Ltd


  • Company Name
    Laxus Technologies Inc.
  • Business Address

    New York Office (Home Office)
    6420 Catalapa Ave, Ridgewood, New York, 11385

    Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details!

  • Date Established
    August 31, 2006
  • Capital (inclusive of retained earnings)
    $16.3million(as of Nov.2020)
  • Fiscal Year-End
    March 31
  • Shareholder

    Shoji Kodama, Founder and CEO

    World Co., Ltd., Stock code:9984, Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section

  • Representative
    Tatsuya Akioka, CEO
  • Directors

    Koji Takemasu, COO

    Satoshi Nakao, CFO

    Hitomi Iwase, Outside director

    Madoka Nokita, Outside director

    Erika Ogawa, Outside director

    Kenji Kamiyama, Outside director

  • Auditor

    Hirohumi Kusunoki, Full-time Auditor

    Kazuyuki Yasumura, External Auditor, Attorney

    Shoji Kanaguchi, External Auditor, Certified Tax Accountant

  • Senior Advisor

    Hirokaza Hasegawa,PH-D Professor, WASEDA BUSINESS SCHOOL(WBS)

    Director Global Family Business Research Institute

  • Legal Representation
    Kitahama Partners
  • Counselor of tax affairs & accounting
    Takahashi Makoto tax accountant office
  • Number of employees
    71 (As of January 31, 2020)
  • Independent auditor
    FRIQ Audit Corporation
  • Dealer in second hand articles permission number

    The Tokyo Public Safety Commission No. 301111506446 issue

    The Hiroshima Public Safety Commission No. 7310214000221 issue

  • Member Association

    Ethical Association

    The Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution

    The Sharing Economy Association

    The Japan Direct Marketing Association


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